AvoAvo Treats

Our vegan handcrafted AvoAvo Treats are made from high-quality plant-based ingredients, avocado being at the center of attention. We love fresh, natural, and sustainable. All our treats are made to order, so they are always freshly made just fo you. Our treats are not only satisfying, they burst with nutrients and antioxidants your body loves. Vegan avo lollies, truffles, and brownies are the products we lovingly deliver, but our mission is to serve freshly made Avo Mousses, Smoothies, and other great treats in a near future. 



As you already guessed, all our treats are made from superfruit avocado, bringing you healthy plant fats, potassium, and many vitamins your body will love. We use organic products whenever we can because we believe in clean and natural foods. We experiment and try to find the best ingredients to create the best flavors. Our treats are made using creamy avocado, organic coconut cream, bananas, premium Belgian chocolate, and beautiful superfoods: matcha, cacao nibs, organic berries etc.

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We deliver AvoTruffles and Avo Brownies for FREE, and Avo Ice Lollies being fragile frozen treats can be collected or delivered by a courier only. For truffles and brownies, we use 1st class Royal Mail or Hermes next day delivery, to bring the treats to you as fast as possible, which usually takes 1-3 days. It takes us to prepare your treats at least 2-3 days, but if we can make it faster, we will. 

We use recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

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Avo Ice Lollies

Beautifully creamy avocado vegan lollies made with matcha, raspberries, turmeric, and other unique superfoods.

Avo Brownies

Heavenly moist and full of healthy fiber avocado vegan brownies  made with organic coconut and premium Belgian chocolate.

Avo Raw Truffles

Silky chocolate truffles bursting with nutrients and antioxidants will be an irresistible treat for you or a gift for your loved ones.