Welcome To Avo Avo

Avo Avo is Scotlands first dedicated avocado restaurant. We are opening our doors on the 17th of November 2017. We look forward to meeting all you lovely people.

It all started with 3 friends on a lads holiday to Amsterdam during our stay we came a across an Avocado eating venue which we were excited to sample. After leaving the venue we were intrigued with the concept and had an idea of bringing the theme to Glasgow. With a few tweaks that were lacking in the other Venue.

Would it work we asked ourselves?

Well here we are 3 years later we are putting it to the test and we are excited to be bringing it to our Avocado lovers here in the west end of bonny Glasgow.

The 3 partners of Avo Avo and Management welcome all Avocado and non Avocado lovers to our new venture.

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